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Javascript Engineer @PovioLabs, Professor @ Erudio Izobraževalni Center, Mentor @Thinkful and Instructor @SmartNinjaOrg

In this article I will tell you about our experience with developing a simple app with Hasura from a time based perspective including planning, design and testing. I will try to compare our result using Hasura with other technologies that are available.

During lockdowns and shift toward home office most teams faced a variety of challenges. Since our team is used to SCRUM and doing estimates using SCRUM Poker we wanted to find an online tool for that. …

Part #2 of the GraphQL Patterns Series

GraphQL offers a lot of flexibility but it also comes with its challenges. The two main challenges are how do we secure the API and the infamous query depth question.

In this article I want to present the patterns you can use to secure your API and am dividing the topic in three parts — authentication, authorisation (on a resolver and field level) and preventing common attacks. All of the examples will be shown in Apollo Server but the patterns can be applied to other implementations as well.


Unlike other established technologies and frameworks, GraphQL does not offer a boilerplate…

Part #1 of the GraphQL Patterns Series

I have been working with GraphQL for the past three years now. Noticing that there is a shortage of guideliness and patterns I decided to start this series of articles to describe the patterns I am using in my own GraphQL based efforts.

Today I will be focusing on file uploads and downloads. Uploading files in GraphQL from an implementation point of view has multiple solutions. I will describe the possible ways of implementation (their upsides and downsides) and in the end of this article I will present in depth how I upload and download files in GraphQL by using…

This is my second article regarding the bioinformatics field where we take a genetic sequence and present it as a chaos game representation graph. With these series of articles I am hoping I can get more people excited about bioinformatics.

Chaos Game Representation is a graphical representation of a sequence. It is a method of converting a long one-dimensional sequence (in our case a genetic sequence) into a graphical form. It is a novel holistic approach that provides a visual image of a DNA sequence quite different from the traditional linear arrangement of nucleotides. …

This is a story I have written a while back while I was still doing some Bioinformatics related work. Nowadays this is a field that is constantly growing and evolving so keeping up with it if you’re not part of this world is quite a time consuming task. I am hoping this piece will inspire people that are interested into the field to dive into it!

The Needleman–Wunsch algorithm performs a global alignment on two genetic sequences. It is commonly used in bioinformatics to align protein or nucleotide sequences. It is also an example of dynamic programming, and was the…

People that use free WordPress plugins tend to think that they can get a free web developer too.

About seven years ago I started blogging. I was using a self-hosted WordPress blog and as the site had grown, the need for using more and more plugins arose. Fortunately, WordPress has a large plugin database that is supported by enthusiastic developers.

However, a time came when I did not find a plugin that suited my needs and because I am a web developer, I decided to make one myself. I then published it to the official repository and…

I have often wondered about calculating time complexities. There was always enough theory but never enough practical examples that connected to the theory I was listening to in my Algorithm classes.

One of the fields where I was stuck was calculating the time complexity of recursive algorithms. Sure, you know the methods, but you need to hit your head against the wall a few times before you understand on how to use them.

A time complexity of an algorithm is commonly expressed using big O notation, which excludes coefficients and lower order terms. It is commonly estimated by counting the…

Boštjan Cigan

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